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Rebekah Weary

Rebekah is a recent graduate of Wheaton College in Chicago, IL where she studied Elementary Education, Middle Grade Math, and Middle Grade Language Arts.  Throughout her time college, she worked to expand her skills at Generation Teach and the New York Times Summer Academy.   


Rebekah is passionate about making the classroom a place of exciting discovery and hands-on learning.  She is excited to think outside the box with her students to craft learning opportunities that connect with their interests.  She loves empowering students to take ownership of their learning in and out of the classroom!  


A Colorado native, Rebekah loves running, hiking, playing sports, or anything that keeps her outdoors!  She also loves reading so send any book recommendations her way!  She is thrilled about the opportunity to work with incredible students and teachers at Allegiance Academy

Reading/Language Arts,
Social Studies and Coding


Alberto Campuzano

Alberto has been a bilingual teacher with the Dallas Independent School District for 8 years. 

He graduated from the University of Texas in El Paso with a Major in Graphic Design and Minor in Computer Science. He worked for 10 years as an IT manager for the UTEP School of Nursing, College of Health Sciences and College of Education. 

Alberto will bring his bilingual background, knowledge of science, math and IT to the Allegiance Academy. Every day he is a hard working teacher with a smile on his face, excited to educate every single student. 


Alberto lives in Dallas with his wife Merily. He is passionate about competing in triathlon races, a full Ironman being his favorite distance. He loves travelling the world and learning new things every day. He is excited joining the Allegiance Academy team this Fall. 

Math and Spanish

Jackie Camele Headshot.jpeg

Jackie Camele

A native Texan, Jackie brings over 13 years of teaching experience, specializing in mathematics, to Allegiance Academy. Several of her past roles in the educational community include math curriculum writer, lead math teacher, mentor teacher, and community liaison.  


She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Mathematics from Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Being a military spouse, not only has she taught in Texas, but also California, North Carolina, and Japan in grades five through twelve. Her enthusiastic approach to education advocates for the whole child in order to strengthen their social-emotional self as well as facilitate their academic excellence. 


Jackie currently resides in Southlake, TX with her husband Aaron. Together they nurture and guide their three children, Michael, Mary, and Meg to be successful active contributors in their own communities.  

Math and Coding


Mark Dye

Reading/Language Arts

Mark Dye has nine years of teaching experience in the public school setting, and he is excited to bring his love of literature and writing to Allegiance! He is a Texas native, born and bred in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area where he earned an IB diploma from L.D. Bell High School before getting his bachelor of arts from University of North Texas.


He believes in creating lessons that both engage and challenge, mixing equal amounts of fun and rigor while building the critical thinking skills that seem more and more important every day.


Mark is an aspiring author, having written two novels, and is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book. He is an Eagle Scout, and professional artist (though it still feels odd for him to say it), creating intricate ink drawings and handmade frames.

Adam Delgado.jpg


Adam Delgado

Adam is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, TX where he earned his master’s degree in Educational Administration. During his time there, he participated in Preparing Academic Leaders (PAL), a project funded through the National Professional Development (NPD) Program.


He is passionate and self-driven in improving his instructional capacity. He believes that teachers should have a multitude of instructional tools to enhance student's learning and hopes to lead efforts in increasing instructional capacity among other teachers.

His philosophy of teaching pivots on three main principles, the first of which is having high expectations of students and supporting them in meeting those expectations. Collaboration set forth by student led academic discourse, as students need the space and time to organize their thoughts and discuss ideas with shared common vocabulary; and lastly, building a community of trust that draws on the strengths of the individuals, fostering a safe place to take risks and ask questions.

Mitchell Hartley_edited.jpg

Social Studies

Mitchell Hartley

Mitchell Hartley
I am a third generation teacher, getting my start in education in my home state of Louisiana
where I taught for three years before moving to Texas. In Louisiana, I was elected as a District
Chair for the Louisiana Council for Social Studies and was named Teacher of the Year by the
New Orleans Freedom Foundations Chapter. I earned my undergraduate degree from the
University of New Orleans in International Studies and my Masters Degree in Peace and
Conflict Management from the University of Haifa located in Israel.

What I bring to Allegiance Academy is my seven years of prior teaching experience, a passion
for teaching Social Studies, and my knowledge of getting students to become college ready.
What I enjoy most about teaching is creating a classroom that is challenging but also engaging
for the students where I can teach them about how history can shape the future.


Currently, I am a resident of Fort Worth, Texas where I serve on the Human Relations
Commision for the city. My interests are traveling, reading, and enjoying nature. I look forward to
working at Allegiance Academy!


Mallory Yant

Coach Mallory grew up in St. Louis, MO, where she was a 3 sport athlete through her career at Ursuline Academy. In her graduation year of 2011, Mallory led the varsity team to the state championship, while earning multiple awards including Missouri Goalkeeper of the Year and STL Post Dispatch Scholar Athlete of the Year, among others.


Mallory went on to attend Brown University in Rhode Island, where she graduated in 2015. At Brown, Mallory played for the Bears for 4 years, and in her final season led the Ivy League in total saves.


Mallory started training goalkeepers in October of 2019 in the Dallas area, which eventually blossomed into officially launching My Goalkeeping Academy, or My.GK, in March of 2021.


Servicing nearly 100 goalkeepers in the DFW area, My.GK emphasizes building confident goalkeepers and leaders through hard work, dedication and discipline. Some key skill focuses in My.GK training programs includes improving technique, athleticism, positioning, decision making and clean handling. Mallory believes that the best goalkeepers simplify the game and the position by doing the little things right, 100% of the time.


Additionally, having been a field player until high school, Mallory understands and thus emphasizes the importance of goalkeepers’ foot skills and confidence on the ball. Each training session is designed to not only work on goalkeeper specific skills, but also to help improve soccer IQ and distribution. This presents an avenue for My.GK goalkeepers to not only become great goalkeepers, but also well-rounded soccer players ready to impact each game as an integral part of the defensive line.


Beyond goalkeeping specific skills, Mallory also specializes in aiding mindset development in young athletes. Having studied Cognitive Science at Brown University with an emphasis in Children’s Cognitive Development, Mallory has a deep passion for mindset and personal development. She teaches various mental strengthening techniques and skills to young athletes to build lasting confidence through the use of positive affirmations and self talk, goal setting, self actualization, and visualization, among others. It is Mallory’s mission to present mindset tools, tips and strategies to young athletes that will aid them in developing a strong and confident sense of self, enhancing mental performance on and off the field.

Sebastian Munoz-Marrero

Sebastian grew up in Euless, Texas graduating from Euless Trinity High School in 2010. To initiate his college career, he attended Odessa College on a baseball scholarship and graduated with an Associate’s of Arts degree in General Studies. In 2015, he completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Education at Baylor University. He then entered the Physical Therapy field for 5 years educating and providing care for orthopedic patients. Sebastian returned back to school to earn his Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado in hopes to work with aspiring athletes of all ages.

In his education process he was able to co-found a Baseball Academy based out of the North Forth Worth Area, called V8 Baseball Academy. Working with young athletes has been a passion of his since he started his coaching career in 2016. 

With his recent teaching certification through Texas Teachers he has been able integrate into Allegiance Academy and create a classroom atmosphere of respect, discipline and academic success. 

Sebastian, his wife and two sons live in Haslet, Texas where they like to spend time at the park, visit family, and eat at their favorite restaurants. 


Evelyn Ray

Evelyn graduated from UT Austin in 2014. After college, she spent some time traveling to places such as Spain, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and lived in Argentina for a short while. During this time, her love for the Latin and Hispanic culture grew and she realized she wanted to share it with as many young people as she can! Before the pandemic, she enrolled in a Teaching Certification program and started teaching Spanish at the high school level in 2020. 


Evelyn’s diverse professional experience has led her to many types of organizations such as non-profits, start-ups, and NGO’s. She is passionate about helping her students get closer to their goals and encouraging them to be a citizen of the world. What she enjoys the most about teaching is helping students hone their critical thinking skills and creating community in and out of the classroom.


Evelyn lives in Fort Worth with her husband, Nolan, and their dog, Leia. In her spare time she loves to read, go to different coffee shops, and play and watch soccer. She can’t wait to be a part of the Allegiance Academy Family.

Dr. Stewart.jpg

Gail Stewart, Ph.D.

I’m Dr. Gail Stewart, an educator with a passion for shaping young minds and fostering a love for literature. With over 19 years of dedicated service in public school teaching - as well as teaching at several community colleges and the University of North Texas - I’ve had the privilege of guiding countless students through the magical world of English literature. My journey in education led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Education, where I delved deeper into the art and science of teaching

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