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Private school and advanced soccer training for middle high school boys Dallas Ft Worth Euless TX  Allegiance FC Coach  Pedro Barca Academy IMG Academy



'If it is possible for one, it is possible for all.'

Coach Edvaldo Pedro

Athletic Director

We develop athletes into highly skilled, technical, creative and intelligent players.  More importantly, they will gain a higher level of self-confidence and grit, along with a passion for the principles of hard work, discipline and consistency.  Skills that will help them perform and succeed in any environment, as well as lead them to become exemplary human beings.  All academy players will learn to work with the aim to always be the absolute best.

Allegiance Academy revolves around giving our players the freedom to bring their imagination to life.  An environment of endless possibilities. Our players will be given the tools to perform on pitch, and will be required to express themselves without hesitation or fear of failure.

The 2022 U15 ECNL National Championship Team attends Allegiance Academy. 

As do...

  • We aim to develop the most creative players with the strongest mind and work ethic.


  • We will learn to look at failure as an opportunity to grow rather than a reason to avoid trying.

  • We will prepare them to capitalize on their future opportunities, including showcasing in front of colleges and professional entities.

  • Three US National Team players.


  • The U15 ECNL Player of the Year for 2022.

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