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We inspire students to achieve their academic goals through a balanced curriculum focused on critical thinking and application. 


Students make connections between their studies and the real world, preparing them for success in future pursuits and in life.

We understand that young men and women learn differently.  At Allegiance Academy we offer a high-quality, comprehensive educational program. We focus on the essential strategies for teaching young students in the classroom.  Core curriculum is delivered in 90 minute blocks to ensure that students interact with the content through collaboration, project-based learning, hands-on activities and individual choice.  We incorporate executive functioning skills in our instructional approach.  Students will develop effective listening skills, organization, time management and goal setting, in order to be prepared for success in and outside of the classroom.


We strongly believe that students learn best through exploration.  We nurture this curiosity and creativity through independent projects.  Throughout the course of the program, students will have various opportunities to identify a problem, research it and develop a plan of action.  Students will create their personal and educational goals, provide evidence of their learning, and share their knowledge with the school community.


Our experienced educational staff will collaborate weekly to develop interdisciplinary units of instruction.  These units will consist of integrating the core subjects, providing depth of understanding, and addressing the needs of all learners.  Our small class size allows us to meet the diverse needs of each student.  Our instructional day has been tailored to provide enrichment and intervention activities.  Each student will receive the individualized attention he needs to be successful.


We welcome all students at Allegiance Academy.  We strive to accommodate the learning differences of students while maintaining high expectations. We provide every student equal access to learning and an equal opportunity to show what he knows.  

Areas of Studies

Humanities - Language, Literature and Societies

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Fine Arts - Art and Music

Computer Science

Foreign Languages

Physical and Health Education


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Accredited private school by Cognia.


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