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Clubs are a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in additional activities.  Clubs take place twice a month during the school day and students across all grade levels.  The clubs provide an amazing social and mental break from the rigorous training and educational demands of student athletes.  Students explore their interests and have creative outlets to collaborate and problem-solve.​

Destination Imagination- Problem-solving, teamwork, and collaboration meets theatrical interpretations in Destination Imagination. DI participants become lifelong problem solvers who are inspired to innovate creative solutions to real-world challenges quickly and collaboratively.  Students will develop self-confidence, creative and critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and team building. Students will also become risk takers and learn perseverance.  

Debate- Students practice presentation skills, research, and debate.  Students will participate in debate competitions with local schools.

Chess- Allegiance has partnered with North Texas Chess Academy to offer chess to our students. This club is open to beginners and advanced students who want to play chess.  The game of chess helps to develop many mental skills that are useful in life, such as: logic, strategic and tactical thinking, planning and preparation, and problem-solving. Chess Club provides an opportunity to simply have fun playing the game and making friendships, while building these skills at the same time.

Spanish Club-  Spanish Club is open to all students who are interested in Spanish.  This club will help students develop an appreciation of Hispanic culture and to provide an opportunity to speak Spanish in an informal setting and to learn more about the Hispanic world. 

Garden Club- Members participate and learn about herb gardening, fruit trees, plant propagation, raising Iris, seed starting and helping to maintain the property.

Service Club- Students will identify service projects in the local community.  They will organize and implement their projects to help the surrounding community.

Robotics- Students will develop and program robots. They will compete against one another to see how their robot complete’s tasks.



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